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About us

Xuzhou Yuhan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou yu steel structure co., LTD., founded in 2012, is a design, manufacture, construction steel structure products for the integration of construction enterprises, with the steel structure project specialized contracting grade, light steel structure engineering special design class b, class I national construction curtain wall project specialized contracting, waterproof anti-corrosion insulation project specialized contracting grade b, fire control facilities project specialized contracting grade b qualification, etc. Annual production capacity: 25,000 tons of grid, 15,000 tons of steel structure, 20,000 tons of pipe truss, 500,000 square meters of metal roof panel.

The company has the overall advantage of connecting east and west, communicating north and south, and advancing gradient strategy. It is located in the four provinces bordering jiangsu, Henan and Anhui, the city of Huaihai economic zone, and one of the core cities of the four mega cities and three metropolitan circles planned and constructed in Jiangsu Province. The transportation is convenient and developed, known as the "five provinces thoroughfare", enjoys the reputation of "the hometown of grid". The company registered capital of 136.86 million yuan, more than 200 employees, including certified construction engineer, certified cost engineer, certified public accountant and other technical management personnel 85, the total number of mechanical equipment 186 sets.

The company integrates the design, production, construction and technical services of steel structure, grid frame, pipe truss, curtain wall and light roof. It owns SFCAD2000, MST2000 grid design software, 3D3S steel structure design software, PAMCAD curtain wall design software and light color steel plate roof and lighting roof design software independently developed by the company. With advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, complete quality testing instruments, rich experience in steel structure, grid frame, pipe truss, curtain wall and light roof construction, established the chief engineer responsible for the quality management system. With exquisite technical force, advanced management mechanism, perfect quality assurance system and people-oriented management concept, the company has won the trust and praise of our customers.

Xuzhou Yuhan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing users from all walks of life with single or whole process service of space structure building consultation, planning, design, manufacturing and installation. Welcome to negotiate!

Dedicated to provide users from all walks of life with consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation single service or whole process service of spatial structure building
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